General Contractor in Encino

The qualities of the best general contractors are honesty, skill, reliability, and open communication. All these qualities and more can be found at Construction Masters, the best general contractor in Encino. When your mid-to-large scale building or renovation project must be built to perfection and guaranteed to withstand the test of time, rely on our experienced general contractors to get the job done.

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Construction Masters: Your Expert Local Construction Company

We’re the best crew to run your operations for a no-regrets project from start to finish. We’re a group of skilled building contractors with decades of collective experience and practice. Licensed, certified, and insured for our customers’ protection as well as our own, we approach every project with one goal in mind: to deliver beyond expectations in a safe and positive work environment.

Building Contractors Who Go Above and Beyond

Rather than cut corners or take the easy way out of tricky situations, we devise solid and durable solutions for any building issue. When construction takes an unexpected turn or meets a surprise bump in the road, we stick to our standards to ensure an uncompromised final result. We’ve built trust in the Encino community by being forthcoming with unexpected issues as they arise and resolving them fully before moving on with the project. The result is a sturdy, solid build that wasn’t rushed.      

What a General Contractor Does for You    

When you take us on to oversee the entire project, you benefit from having a constant partner in your project who is able and willing to oversee every aspect. When we’re brought onto the project, we enter the first phase wherein we plan, hear your vision, understand your tastes, answer your questions, and decide on your timeline and budget. We develop a realistic and fair estimate based on the craftsmanship we can provide ourselves and who we need to bring on for specialization.

Organized, Efficient Onsite General Contractor

From day one of work onsite, we’re responsible for ensuring everyone knows what to do and to whom to report. We create as much of a stress-free environment for you as we can by handling all the scheduling, ordering, payments, people, and project management. 

Organization is critical to a successful build, and that’s where we shine. At all times, we’re the only ones involved in the project who communicate with you directly. We relay your concerns or comments to the subcontractors and vice versa so that you can maintain a big picture view of the project. At the end of the day, we provide a walk-through and an informal meeting to share progress and projections.

Working with Expert Subcontractors

Construction Masters’s crew does much of the work, including preparing the site, concrete work, drywall, and much more. Though we’re there every day and provide all the materials, we sometimes outsource to construction companies specializing in different parts of the build.

We consult with our network of professional experts and hire the best fitting subcontractors to deliver stellar workmanship in their realms, such as:

  • Roofing
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Fire protection
  • Carpentry
  • Framing

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