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Window Installation

A poorly installed window can cause a great deal of damage to a property’s interior, letting in heat or cold and allowing water and pests to infiltrate the building more easily. Avoid the headaches of improperly installed windows by calling on Construction Masters’s expert window contractors to fix your new panes in place with precision.

For stress-free, efficient, reliable window installation, call us at (818) 344-1023.

Knowledgeable Window Contractors

Our window contractors know everything there is to know about different window options. We’re up to date on the pros and cons of every window type and can recommend what works within a particular room and budget. As the area’s top window contractor, our customer service is outdone only by our attention to detail during commercial and residential projects. For excellent services from a trustworthy window company, call Construction Masters today.

Consult Your Window Installation Company

Your property, your way. When you give us a call, our first order of business is arranging an appointment for an on-site assessment of your upcoming window installation project. Our window installation contractors take measurements and discuss different window options with clients, using images and providing detailed explanations. We help guide clients to the most energy-efficient options that fit their budget, aesthetic, and room, always keeping in mind their wishes.

Letting in the Sunlight with New Windows

Strategic window placement is a great way to get your electric bill down, and professionally installed, watertight windows are the only way to achieve these results. For window replacement and new windows, we help design layouts that lower energy costs by maximizing the amount of sunlight that gets in. Our talent for getting the most out of new windows is part of what makes us the best window installation company in town.

Our Window Company’s Process

With our no-obligation estimate accepted, we begin the installation process. Our window installation contractors order all required products and materials in advance to secure guaranteed on-time delivery. There are many parts involved in window installation, but our trained, certified, licensed, and insured experts can install them all for spectacular problem-free results with record speed.

Flawless Window Installation Workmanship

Throughout the installation process, our mindset is always fixated on the investment clients make in us and their new windows. We guarantee perfectly installed windows every time because we appreciate the importance of air and watertight windows for your building. Our installation process happens in this way:

  • Prepping the window opening with house wrap and pan flashing to ensure the seal is watertight
  • Caulking the top and sides of the wrapped opening
  • Centering and leveling the new windowpanes
  • Nailing the window in place in the jamb
  • Testing the window for easy opening and closing and adjusting
  • Preventing drafts with spray foam seal around the window perimeter
  • Running flashing tape for extra water protection around the window perimeter
  • Drilling through the jamb to affix windows to the frame

Call Construction Masters Now for the Best Window Installations

When we install your new windows, we won’t let water get through to the interior and risk mold, nor will we let air escape and risk energy loss and higher bills. What we will do is supply windows that will last for years to come. Call us at (818) 344-1023 now!

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